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Cynergy Software

CynergyOne is an ERP software, privately developed to meet complex requirements of remanufacturing and reverse logistics business based on more than 15 years of Cynergy’s experience in the industry.

From shop floor process, inventory, and quality management to defect trend analysis, cost and demand forecast, financials and human resource management, it is a backbone of Cynergy that allows to serve our customers with speed, flexibility, and stability.

CynergyOne is built on Oracle database and application platform and running on secured Oracle Cloud environment.

CynergyOne is composed of the following application components:

Billing Management Reports Management Quality Management Warehouse Inventory Management Shop Floor Management HR Management

Shop Floor Management

  • Tracking product flow from receiving to shipping
  • Process validation and auto route by project type
  • Tracking test and repair result, parts consumption
  • Manage TAT and Track bounce history
  • Receiving and shipping ASN via EDI

Warehouse Inventory Management

  • Product and component by location
  • Inventory movement via predefined LOT type
  • Stock level and Age monitor
  • Track component usage rate
  • Parts transaction history
  • Parts reconciliation
  • Parts recycling

Quality Management

  • Monitor performance and quality
  • Yield rate by test step and sub step
  • QC/QA/Line Test/Final Test/RF test/Triage Result
  • OBA management by AQL level
  • QCF return analysis history

Reports Management

  • Tat reports with details history drilled down
  • Bounce reports with detail history drilled down
  • POS/Triage co-relation analysis
  • Receiving/Shipping Trend
  • Interactive data report for advance users
  • Dashboard with various customer requested reports

Billing Management

  • Automated Labor and parts invoice generation based
    on repair data, and predefined pricing structure by customer
  • Applying invoice, payment and credit memo
  • View invoice and payment by customer and status,
    date range and genrate statement and
    invoice in PDF/Excel/CSV format

HR Management

  • Manage basic employee information
  • Assigning job field, shift, department and
    manage system access privilege based on
    work group
  • Manage training courses and certificates and
    integrate training records and job
    assignment qualification